How To Make An Easy Non-Toxic Febreze Alternative, and Cheap Too!

Homemade Febreze Recipe

I admit it, I’m a clean freak! I am also obsessed with my house smelling fresh and clean, which is quite a challenge when you have a house full of pets.  Like many of you, I bought and used Febreze believing that it was freshening my carpet and upholstery without leaving anything behind. I have recently become aware of a couple of concerning things about Febreze. First, and most concerning to me, it’s not so pet friendly after all, and second, it does not magically eliminate odors, instead it’s just masking them like any other air freshener.  So, what to do?  Ah, ha, I’ll create my own recipe!  I have noticed that I’m not the first to think of doing this.  Facebook is bombarded with recipes using fabric softener, among other things.  The problem with that?  Still not non-toxic enough for my precious pets.  I don’t like the idea of them walking across that and possibly ingesting it.  So, below you will find my homemade Febreze alternative recipe.  I hope you like it as much as I do!

Materials Needed:
2 Tablespoons 91% isopropyl alcohol
2 Tablespoons baking Soda
¼ teaspoon essential oil (blend, or single scent)
hot tap water
16.9 ounce spray bottle (an old Febreze bottle works well)

Rinse out your spray bottle.  Pour in 2 Tablespoons 91% isopropyl alcohol (the alcohol helps your freshener to dry faster), 2 Tablespoons baking soda (a funnel is helpful for this part), and 1/4 teaspoon of your favorite essential oil (I used Lavender, which will come as no surprise if you are a regular reader ;). Add hot water to the bottle until almost full, leaving enough room to shake up the ingredients.  Make sure the top is on good and the spray nozzle is set to off, then go ahead and shake it up.   Set the sprayer to the mist setting and start freshening your home with just a couple words of caution first.  The alcohol does make this recipe flammable so use caution when spraying and, of course, never spray near your pets, it would be too easy to squirt them in the eyes, and that would be painful!   Happy freshening!

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